Śraddhā School of Yoga

Śraddhā School of Yoga


200 Hour Advanced Studies and Teacher Training


with Ashley Fiala

Additional Faculty: David Kuttruff, Doreen Wolf and Shannon Lynch

Part 1: Adhikara (Studentship) 100 hours of Advanced Studies June 2014 – January 2015 Prerequisite for Part 2
Part 2: Seva (Service) 100 hours of Teacher Training Dates after Part 1 TBA

Adhikara (Studentship)

You like what you are getting in your yoga class. You feel good in your body, enjoy the people you practice with, and notice other benefits that you can’t put into words.

Now you are ready to dive into a deeper understanding of yoga that you can apply to your asana practice.


If you are dedicated or wish to inspire more dedication to your yoga practice, we invite you to join us for this top of the line training where you will gain a renewed awareness of yourself through an advanced study of yoga.

Pre-requisite: An open heart!

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You will learn and experience:

•The subtle aspects of the practice you may not get in class
•More clarity on execution of poses so you may expand your practice safely
•A deeper understanding of the physical and subtle body
•How to realize and experience your fuller potential
•The fundamentals of meditation and pranayama
•A thorough and detailed understanding of human anatomy as it relates to asana •The teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, The Siva Sutras and the Pratyabhijna Hridayam

All with the support of highly skilled teachers and a respectful community that will honor and welcome inquiry and foster a safe space to explore and push boundaries so you may connect to the wisdom of your own heart.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be eligible for acceptance into the Teacher Training program


Meetings will be one weekend per month at either Temecula Yoga Collective in Temecula or F.U.N. Yoga Studio in Riverside, depending on where you live.

Dates 2014 (Meeting one weekend per month)

Jan 25-26
Feb 15-16
March 15-16
April 19-20
May 17-18
June 21-22
July 26-27
Aug 16-17
Sept 20-21

F.U.N. Yoga Studio
August 9-10
September 13-14
September 27-28
October 18-19
November 15-16
January 10-11 (2015)

Teacher Training: Seva (Service)

To understand the art and skill of teaching yoga, a thorough understanding of yoga is necessary. Friends who complete Adhikara are invited to participate in the teacher training program.

Dates TBA

Ashley’s teacher training covers a wide spectrum of information to build a steady foundation for sharing the joy of yoga. As a dedicated student of yoga, the most natural step on the journey is pouring out the love that has expanded in your own heart. It is time to apply the knowledge that you have gained through the advanced studies process. The methodology has precise techniques to help teachers find their own voice to inspire a class or an individual student. In this portion of the training, you will learn to:

  • Create a sacred space
  • Center
  • Weave a theme into class
  • Sequence effectively
  • Apply your knowledge of anatomy to asana
  • Make physical adjustments when necessary
  • Modify practice for injury and special needs
  • Demonstrate effectively
  • Assist in a positive way
  • Use passive and active voice properly
  • Teach basic meditation and pranayama
  • Teach basic restorative postures
It is Ashley’s goal to create a community for dynamic expansion through conversation within a supportive open-minded, heart-centered environment.

The Teachers

Ashley, David, Doreen and Shannon are well respected and beloved teachers throughout the greater Inland Empire area. From science and competitive sports, to dance and philosophy, their distinct backgrounds offer a fresh perspective on a common love for and dedication to the path of Yoga. Now these unique voices are teaming up to offer a program rooted in a Tantric darshan (perspective) that fosters room for growth, expansion and evolution.

Founder of Śraddhā School of Yoga, Ashley is a teacher’s teacher, therapeutic yoga specialist, and member of the Clapping Monkeys Kirtan Band. Click here for full bio.
Certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1975, David did his post-graduate studies in Sanskrit, Classical Yoga and Tantric Texts. He is currently in his third year of advanced studies with Professor Paul Muller-Ortega. Click here for full bio.
Doreen is a therapeutic yoga specialist, massage therapist, sports therapists, competitive athlete, and NLP master practitioner. Click here for full bio.
Shannon is a therapeutic yoga specialist, member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and an Ecologist. Click here for full bio.
Adhikara: $170/weekend or $1450
Seva: $1450
Entire Program: $2700  

Tuition includes FREE lifetime participation in all future Adhikara programs with Ashley.

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