Yoga Coach


My Yoga Coach is for you if you…

  • Are new to yoga and feeling timid about jumping into a public class.
  • Have a regular yoga practice that you want to refine or take to another level.
  • Are a yoga teacher seeking mentorship and support.
  • Are seeking a balanced personal fitness program that provides uniform strength and flexibility.
  • Have many questions regarding what goes on for you in yoga class of which you would like personal attention addressing.


No yoga experience necessary


Photo by Jorg Langewitz

“Shannon is like a coach: supportive, encouraging and understanding,  just the right combination to help me get motivated to break out of my established asana and body patterns.”

~Kathryn Kusyszyn BA CNP CYT  Holistic Health Practitioner | Lifestyle Coach


This program is a shout out to my dad- the football and wrestling coach.  


My upbringing was filled with family wrestling matches in the living room, summers lifting weights with my brothers and their football friends, and vacations running sprints in front of Irish castles under my dad’s stop watch to burn off energy.

I also had the great honor to witness my dad mentor teenagers- celebrating their big wins, offering wise council during losses, and serving as a lasting positive influence in their lives.

I’m embarrassed to say that I still don’t know much about football…sorry dad!

However, I do know how to support you with the necessary “tough love” to serve your needs.

If you are not in my area, we can work together over Skype (read testimonials from my Skype clients here).

To see if we are a good fit to work together, the first session is on me!

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