Rehabilitate to Relief

This one-on-one personalized program is for you if you are…

  • Willing to learn powerful and effective tools you can implement to find relief from the frustration of chronic pain or a nagging injury that won’t go away.
  • Want better range of motion, balanced strength and flexibility, and to move from pain to freedom at anytime and moment.
  • Looking to greatly reduce the time, energy and money you spend going to the doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, masseuse or physical therapist.


No yoga experience necessary


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When I first came to Shannon, I was frustrated with an elbow dislocation that hadn’t fully healed after a year of physical therapy.  The injury limited my ability to fully engage in climbing, biking, and yoga out of fear of re-injuring myself.  Through our work together, I was able to re-program old patterns and move in a more intuitive way with my body without experiencing pain.  Now, I utilize these tools in my hobbies and daily life activities- even with the jostling of mountain biking my elbow has been fine!  These tools Shannon provided me affirm the belief that I can heal myself.  If you value your active lifestyle, Shannon’s programs are for you.

~Cambria Ortega  2nd Grade and YogaTeacher | Outdoor Athlete | Gardner 


With arthritis in my hips, I go through periods feeling achy, cranky and frustrated because of the pain I get in both hips.  In the middle of Shannon’s program, I had a moment at my grandson’s birthday party when I realized that I had NO pain in my body and I was completely caught up in enjoying the day celebrating with my family. Shannon is helping me avoid the dreaded hip replacement procedure that seems to be so promoted by the medical community in recent years. I have felt a difference in poses I have been struggling with for years in a relatively short amount of time. Her attention to alignment, amazing ability to communicate the procedures, dedication, professionalism and follow through have made it possible for me to continue and thrive in yoga classes and enjoy time with my family.  I still use the materials she gave me every day.  I would unequivocally recommend Shannon’s R&R programs! 

~Ellen Schaub  Grandmother | Retired Teacher | Brave Yogi


I designed this program because it is what I wanted when I was in a constant state of distress from (the short list):

  • Bulging discs 
  • Nerve pain in my neck and leg 
  • Hamstring pulls 
  • Chronic low back, neck, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow pain  


The principles I will show you can be implemented immediately, but reprogramming old patterns that get deeply embedded into the body can take longer than a single session.  

I am not interested in “quick and easy.”

I am committed to you having results that enhance your quality of life over the long haul.    


Not in my area?  No worries!  We can work the program over Skype!


I have a calcium deposit in my lumbar spine that gives me a great deal of back pain. In my initial conversation with Shannon she showed me she was dedicated to my well being, but I would have never dreamed of the amazing shifts I received during our therapeutic sessions over Skype.  I have studied under several Anusara Yoga teachers and was very impressed by Shannon’s level of training, solid understanding of my body’s alignment principles, and her ability to very clearly articulate them.  With her guidance through various yoga poses, I was able to relieve low back pain in a way I had never experienced before.  Thanks to Shannon, I feel equipped with tools to heal myself and tools for my teaching practice.  Whether or not you’ve done yoga before, I feel confident that Shannon will meet you where you are at with yoga.  I would recommend Shannon’s R&R program to anyone who is ready to relieve musculoskeletal ailments and live more fully.

~Amy Olson  Massage Therapist | AcroYoga Instructor | Aerial Artist


I get shoulder, neck and jaw tension because of all the work I do at the computer.  Over the past few days, the tension has affected my ability to sleep well and I and generally feel unbalanced in my body as aresult.  During my session with Shannon over Skype, she was able to walk me through simple poses and exercises in a way that cleared my neck and shoulder pain!  I was really impressed with the fact that she could do this type of work over Skype and I didn’t have to go anywhere.  Her clear instruction helped me tap into muscles and find subtleties of my body that I wasn’t aware of before.  After our session, my back and neck felt AMAZING all day!  I would recommend Shannon’s therapeutics services to anyone who is in pain and is seeking skillful guidance into REAL relief.

~Alyssa Summers  Yoga Teacher | Lifestyle Coach | Nature Lover

      Photo by Gary McKinstry

I have left lumbar scoliosis resulting in low back, neck and shoulder pain, so I was excited to participate in Shannon’s three month program.  Her supportive approach to therapeutics is beyond single weekly sessions.  She is like a coach: supportive, encouraging and understanding,  just the right combination to help me get motivated to break out of my established asana and body patterns. In short, she made a challenging practice fun!  The valuable support materials, detailed responses to my questions between Skype sessions, clear communication, instruction and professionalism inspired a greater awareness of my patterns and ability to self-adjust.   Shannon’s attention to detail and explanation of concepts was given in the right doses for me to be able to digest and integrate. Because of Shannon’s three-month program, I have much less SI joint pain, greater core stability and strength, and greater shoulder strength and flexibility.  I would recommend Shannon’s R&R program to anyone who wants yoga instruction in the comfort of their own home, on their schedule and still get the necessary tools and attention for pain relief.

~Kathryn Kusyszyn BA CNP CYT  Holistic Health Practitioner | Lifestyle Coach


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I am not a physical therapist, doctor, or chiropractor.
I’m here to provide you with some tools to help you take responsibility and hold yourself accountable for your own well-being with the proper application and implementation of these principles.
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